As we highlighted in The Business Case behind GPS Asset Tracking, asset tracking is important for many businesses to prevent loss and maximize revenues. Today, we are taking a closer look at the construction industry, which relies heavily on accurate and rugged tracking solutions to protect and extend the life of high-value equipment and assets, both powered and non-powered.

Construction job site theft is sadly a common occurrence, highlighting the need for businesses to invest in new technologies that enable tools and equipment to be tracked and fully utilized to increase productivity and revenues.

One of our clients was looking for a tracking solution to protect their tools and equipment, in particular their large number of pallet jacks but also toolboxes and other non-powered, smaller assets. Our client was looking for:

  • Durable, weatherproof, and rugged GPS trackers to withstand extreme conditions
  • Plug and play solution for easy installation and maintenance
  • Long-lasting, built-in batteries for longevity and increased reliability
  • High precision GPS for enhanced accuracy
  • End to end encryption for data protection
  • Compact and concealable trackers to protect small and large assets

Our client sought a durable, battery-powered GPS tracking solution that could help search for and identify pallet jacks that were reported missing and trace them throughout their site. Our client also needed to be able to track smaller, non-powered assets to reduce theft and increase workplace efficiencies.

In order to provide value, GPS trackers for tools and equipment need to update in real-time and be rugged enough to withstand any extreme conditions that the asset might encounter.

Our Nomatik plug and play GPS trackers enable you to keep tabs on your most valuable tools and equipment of all shapes and sizes with industry-leading battery life and reliability. Track and protect your assets with reliable location, history, movement and geofence alerts, and more with our compact and concealable GPS tracking devices.

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