Whether you need to track vehicles and other powered assets or you are looking to track un-powered items such as tool boxes, shipping containers, or wine barrels, the same GPS-based telematics technology applies to both scenarios.

Battery powered GPS asset trackers are essential to monitor and locate non-powered assets as they cannot run under their own power supply. If battery life is short, this could have a negative impact on the reliability and effectiveness of the GPS tracking device, which – in turn – can affect revenues, safety, or productivity of a business.

A few other things to keep in mind when selecting a GPS tracking solution include:

  • GPS tracker size: can the tracker be used for small and large assets?
  • Ease of installation and use: how difficult is it to install the tracker?
  • Durability: is the tracker rugged and weatherproof?
  • Accuracy: how reliable is the data?
  • Real-time tracking capabilities: can assets be located quickly and efficiently?
  • Data safety: is end to end encryption used to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data?

All the above are important things to consider when choosing asset tracking solutions, but let’s focus on the ease of installation. If the trackers are too difficult to use, uptake would be low, which would result in even greater loss of revenues if investments in the asset tracking solution had already been made. Plug and play GPS trackers could be the answer.

What does plug and play mean?

Plug and play, sometimes abbreviated PnP, are devices that are intended to work perfectly when first used or connected, without reconfiguration or adjustment by the user.

At Nomatik, we believe in the concept of plug and play to ensure that our clients see immediate benefits from our asset tracking solutions. Our trackers come preconfigured and ready to track immediately. Simply attach the trackers and start seeing results. It's easy and done in just minutes. Any alterations to configuration are applied seamlessly over-the-air.

With Nomatik GPS asset tracking solutions, start saving time and money while minimizing downtime today.

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