Rental equipment is at a greater risk of theft compared to other assets, partially since it is replaceable and not vital to the usual fleet of equipment. This could be a threat to your business due to loss of productivity, replacement costs, or even legal battles. Protect your bottom line by reducing downtime and ensuring all equipment, owned and rented, is on-site and ready to use.

How can equipment theft be prevented?

GPS asset trackers provide you with an affordable way to track your business assets, owned and rented, such as tanks and containers, trucks and vehicles, welding equipment, generators and compressors, and more. Monitor equipment on a mobile interface in real time – during work hours and after hours – to have full visibility and to receive instant notifications in the event of unauthorized use or location changes.

Should you need to locate lost or stolen property, GPS asset tracking solutions will alert you when equipment moves from a certain location and where it is going. These insights will allow you to act quickly in order to recover it.

How can Nomatik’s GPS asset tracking solutions help?

With our Nomatik GPS asset trackers, you can quickly and accurately track your rental equipment to combat unauthorized use and theft. Violations to set geofences trigger instant alerts should equipment leave your site without prior authorization. Features include:

  • Rugged trackers that can withstand the conditions that your outdoor rental equipment faces. Nomatik trackers feature IP67 rated housing, which ensures the device can withstand fine dust, high-pressure spray, submersion for 30 minutes in 1m of water, and extreme temperatures.
  • Varies tracker sizes allowing to track small and large rental equipment.
  • Mobile interface allowing for real-time alerts, during work hours and after hours. A live map shows details on where your rental equipment is at all times. Receive geofence alerts when assets leave a designated area and notifications when equipment moves that shouldn’t.
  • Long battery life due to advanced sleep mode, periodic updates, and intelligent movement-based tracking.
  • Plug and play hardware: The Nomatik system is cloud-hosted, with no software to install or maintain. Simply attach them to your assets and start tracking as they are pre-configured and ready to use immediately. Configuration changes are applied seamlessly over-the-air.
  • Military grade encryption to ensure data safety and that the strictest standards are being met.

Track and protect your rental equipment with reliable location, history, movement, and geofence alerts with our compact and concealable GPS tracking devices.

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